Sunday, December 21, 2008


This is my roommate's dog, Willie. He's an Italian Greyhound and is pretty skittish.


nicolás said...

beautiful dog/draw!
I like your job, you have a very original talent and own style!

my best wishes for you and happy new year!

see soon


Timothy J Lamb said...

love this little guy. nice sketch!

Jodi said...

Hi, I am absolutely in love with the sketch of Willie. Do you have prints available for sale? Or better yet, the original? Thanks!

Sharack said...

Jodi - Not sure when you left this post, but email me or write again with your contact and we'll talk about some artwork.

Havetstormar said...

Hi! I found your sketch when I was googleing pics of IG. I love it! Im wondering the same as Jodi, is it for sale? prints do as fine as original! I would love to have it on my walls in Sweden, where I live! You can contact me on Thank you in advacne! //Rebecka

Havetstormar said...

It remind me of my IG, I forgot to write thats the first time! She has those 'crazy' ears just like Willie. Sometimes one is up, and one down, just like in your artwork:)